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Consulting Arrangements  


 Dr. Jane Simington is pleased to work with you and your group, to help you design and develop a course or workshop, on the topic of her expertise. 

Consulting Topics


Contact our office for help in selecting a topic in an area of Dr. Simington's expertise.

 Topics include: 

  • Grief, trauma, sexual abuse, and suicidal symptoms, helping skills, and healing interactions.
  • Personal development and empowerment.
  • Soul growth and transformation. 

Topic Samples


Samples of Consulting  Topics include:

  1. Depression as a Condition of Disempowerment and Hopelessness 
  2.  Helping a Client Who Feels Powerless
  3. Hope and Hopelessness: Healing Historical Trauma 
  4. Releasing the Impact of Emotional Trauma 
  5.  Sexual Abuse
  6.  Suicide Assessment and Intervention
  7. Domestic Violence
  8.  Childhood Trauma: Releasing the Emotional Impact
  9.  Creating a Framework for Trauma Therapy Practice
  10.  Establishing a Safe Therapeutic Regime
  11. Psychoneurophysiology of Trauma
  12. Trauma and PTSD Assessment
  13. Children and Grief
  14. Helping as Life Draws to a Close
  15. Grief Across the Lifespan
3 Hours Consulting Fee

$600.00 CAD

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