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Embracing Potential: Living on Purpose


I am Dr. Jane Simington. I have developed this course based on my personal and professional experiences.

Professionally, I have a background in both Nursing and Psychology. I specialize in helping people move through difficult life experiences, and offer education to other professionals, so they too can assist their clients with life transition needs.  

For me Personally, some years following the death of my son, I began to experience a constant nagging from deep within. I had the sense that something major had not been accomplished and that time was of the essence. During those “Dark Nights” I felt totally alone.

This course is designed so that others do not have to struggle alone during their Souls' Dark Nights. It is created so that more helpers receive the skills and education they need to assist those who are struggling in their attempts to fulfill their destiny.



A Different Approach to Healing


Acknowledging the spiritual distress and feelings of spiritual disconnection that often result following the Turning Points in life, I designed this course within a Spiritual Framework.

Within the context of this course, spirituality is described as a human being’s personal relationship to what is meaningful to him or her, and what gives direction and purpose to their life. The spiritual needs as identified by Carson and co-authors in Spiritual Dimensions of Nursing Practice are: love, trust, hope, forgiveness, belonging, and meaning and purpose in life. According to these authors and other researchers, all people are considered to have a spiritual dimension, regardless of if, or how, it is expressed or practiced. Spiritual distress is the suffering experienced when one or more of the spiritual needs are not met.

To address the spiritual distress of those who are feeling a desire to be more inline with their Soul's purpose, course participants are introduced to the work of Carl Jung who noted that if you want to address soul, you must speak soul’s language, the language of symbol and metaphor. Supported by his work and by research that demonstrates that highly-charged emotions are processed in the  brain’s Right Hemisphere, course participants learn to incorporate  therapeutic art and guided visualization, as spiritual interventions, and learn to help their clients interpret the symbolic messages being revealed.

My clinical experiences and the reports from traumatized clients indicate that when the spiritual wounds are healed, it is so much easier to then address and heal the other aspects of their lives.


 I will address the value to my clients of the self-empowering skills I learned during the Trauma Recovery Certification course. In my opinion, what makes this course unique, apart from Dr. Jane Simington’s inspirational, heart-centered, and passionate personality, is the connection she and the course content make between Psychology and Spirituality, between the individual and the soul, important information missed by many trauma courses. By using the language of the soul and techniques to address the effects of soul trauma, I learned in this course how to help restore the disrupted connection between the individual and his or her purpose in life.

 Sophia Tsoumaki,

Family & Bonding Counsellor, Family Constellations Facilitator, Trauma Therapist. 

Athens, Greece.

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