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Planning a Presentation for Your Group 


 Dr. Jane Simington is pleased to work with you and your group, to create and present an impactful presentation; one that increases participants' knowledge and skills, and leaves each one who attends, with a powerful take-home message they can easily put into immediate action.  



Contact our office for help in selecting a topic in an area of Dr. Simington's expertise.

 Topics include: 

  • Grief, trauma, and suicidal symptoms, helping skills, and healing interactions.
  • Personal development and transformation.

Arrangements and Costs


For more information about Dr. Jane Simington as a Keynote Speaker,  Conference Presenter and Workshop Provider

Please see Dr. Jane Simington's website
60-90 Minutes Live Virtual Presentation

$600.00 CAD
60-90 Minutes Recorded Presentation

$400.00 CAD

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