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At Taking Flight International Corporation, we provide Accredited  courses, locally, nationally, and internationally to  professionals and paraprofessionals in:
  • Trauma Recovery Certification.
  • Grief Support Certification.

  • Suicide Intervention Certification.

  • Healing Ambiguous Losses Associated With Missing and Murdered Women and Girls Certification.
  • Supporting Survivors of Sexual Trauma Certification. 

  •  Transformation Coaching:  Embracing Potential Certification.

Each certification course is developed by Dr. Jane Simington, PhD, the owner of  Taking Flight International Corporation. Each certification course focuses on healing the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual effects of grief and trauma, empowering individuals, families, groups, and communities. 

Each certification course is offered regularly in the Alberta area.

Each certification course can also be delivered in a location of your choice. 

 Please call our office at 780 473 6732 for assistance with arrangements.

Video Testimonial 


Retrieving a Soul Part that Fractured During Trauma


Jane A. Simington, PhD. 



A post-traumatic response includes alterations in functioning on the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual levels. Interest in using complementary therapies resulted from PTSD patient requests for modalities that address their spiritual needs. The positive neurophysiology effects on PTSD symptoms produced by spiritual practices generates renewed interest in the approaches to the psyche proposed by Carl Jung, and also in traditional cultural practices for healing trauma. In traditional worldviews the shock of trauma can cause a part of the soul to fracture off and remain trapped in a non-ordinary reality. Jung encouraged therapeutic regression to connect with the lost part. Regression therapy gained support following MRI studies showing that trauma narratives are replayed through the brain’s right hemisphere. MRI studies support research showing that right hemisphere options, such as visualization, increase the possibility for healing trauma. The purpose of this research was to determine if there were pre- and post-intervention differences when using spiritually-focused guided visualization to regress subjects to a traumatic event, there to reclaim and reintegrate a soul part that had fractured off during trauma. Eight study participants from an Indigenous Community in Canada participated. Pre-to-post score differences on the PCL-5 suggest a positive and clinically meaningful response to the intervention. The themes derived from the narrative descriptions indicate that the soul retrieval intervention increased the well-being of the study participants.
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I attended both the Grief Support and the Trauma Recovery Certification courses offered in Athens Greece by Dr. Jane Simington. I found the approach used by Dr. Simington to be extremely therapeutic, as it combines scientific knowledge, counselling skills, therapeutic art, and spirituality. Dr. Simington’s Four Part Model for Healing© is designed to reintegrate of the brain’s hemispheres, so the grieving and traumatized person can again function with cerebral wholeness. Dr. Simington supported us individually, and as a professional team to advance to our fullest potential and to extend this empowering philosophy to our clients.

Sofia Dimopoulou,

 Synthetic Mental Health Counsellor-Psychotherapist, Gestalt Therapist, Athens, Greece.

Requirements to Offer the Training in Your Location  


  • Minimum number of participants: 12
  • Maximum number of participants: 16
  • The Hiring Agency covers the costs for the Facilitator’s and the Co-facilitator’s meals, accommodations, and travel.
  • Meeting room to be arranged and paid for by the hiring agency.
  • Meeting room minimum size: 800 square feet
  • The hiring agency is responsible to have the room arranged and set up according to the guidelines provided prior to the arrival of the facilitator who will require access for two hours prior to the course to arrange teaching materials and therapeutic art supplies.
  • Please have chairs in a circle in the classroom, one for each participant and one for the Facilitator and Co-facilitator.
  • Please have enough table space (tables and chairs against the walls and windows) for each participant to complete art activities.
  • Please have 3 tables for art supplies.
  • Please have a large whiteboard (4’x5’), whiteboard markers and white board cleaner in the teaching room.
  • Please have a small table for the ceremonial supplies.
  • Please have a small table by the whiteboard for teaching supplies.
  • Please have a table placed by an electrical outlet for the sale of resources.
  • Please have 4 boxes of tissues.
  • Please have a large garbage can and a small lined garbage can.
  • Each participant must submit a completed Application Form at least one week before training starts.
  • The Facilitator will require access to the classroom for set up, for one hour prior to class beginning. The preferred time is the evening before.

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