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 Course Overview


 At one or more points in life, each of us struggles in our attempts to make sense of the circumstances surrounding a traumatic experience. Trauma can result from a single-blow event, such as a car accident, or from multiple-blow events such as happen during family violence. Trauma is sudden, horrific, and catastrophic. It can be experienced directly, or witnessed, or even heard about. Trauma leaves the person feeling powerless to change the circumstances.

Methods applied in this course give you the knowledge and skills to support and counsel those experiencing the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual effects of trauma resulting from domestic violence. You gain knowledge of domestic violence, and the uses and misuses of power. You learn strategies for helping victims of family violence reclaim their personal power and regain their wholeness as they heal the many ways in which trauma has impacted their lives.




Accreditation for the Certified Family Violence Counselor Online Course is provided by the Canadian Council of Professional Certifications (CCPC Global). 




The primary goal of the Certified Family Violence Counselor Online Course is that you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a more wholistic way with those who experiencing effects of family violence and those who struggle with the power imbalance issue that result from their traumatic experiences.

Basic to this course is that a counselor can bring another only as far along the healing path as the counselor has already been. The second goal of the course is the facilitation of personal healing and growth for each participant.

Combining these two goals offers you tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.



  1. Review the neurobiology of post-traumatic stress.
  2. Recognize trauma responses resulting from domestic violence.
  3. Gain and advanced knowledge of the many aspects of family violence.
  4. Examine issues of power and control, vulnerability, and manipulation.
  5. Advance counseling skills specific to supporting those experiencing trauma resulting from family violence.
  6. Acquire knowledge and skill in using healing strategies, including therapeutic art, guided visualization to alleviate manifestations of trauma.
  7. Advance personal and professional growth and identify strategies to mitigate the effects of vicarious trauma for self and team members.

Provided Resources 


With the Purchase of the Certified Family Violence Counselor Online Course, you receive:

  1. All the Written Materials and Audiovisuals required to successfully master the content in the Units. 
  2. Exercises and Assignments specific to each Unit that enrich your abilities to apply the content.
  3. Feedback from the Course Facilitator on your progress following the submission of the Required Assignments and Review Questions.

Process and Timeframe 


1. Submit your completed Application Form and the Application Fee.

2. When your application is accepted, you will be notified to make the course payment.

3. Access to the course content is available immediately upon payment. 

4. Work at your own pace in the submission of Required Assignments and Review Questions required for each unit.

5.There is a six-month timeframe allotted for the completion of all materials required for certification.