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Grief Support Certification Online Course Benefits   

Course  Benefits


The Grief Support Certification Online course developed by Dr. Jane A. Simington, PhD. and delivered by Taking Flight International Corporation: 

  1. Is an accredited program with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC Global). 
  2. Is transferable for 40 Continuing Education Unit Hours (CEUs) toward certification or re-certification as an Addiction Counselor with the Canadian Addictions Certified Counselors’ Federation (CACCF) and with the International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (ICADC).

Upon Certification


Upon Certification Graduates May:

  1. Support and counsel those who are grieving. 
  2. Offer community education on grief and grieving.
  3.  Support and counsel those who are dying and their family members.
  4.  Apply this certification toward 40 Continuing Education Unit Hours (CEUs) toward certification and/or re-certification as an Addictions Counselor with the Canadian Addictions Certified Counselors' Federation (CACCF), and with the international certifying body, ICADC.
  5. Apply to CCPC Global to be recognized globally as a Certified Grief Support Counselor and use the acronym (CGSC). Application to CCPC Global must be made within one year following completion of the training. Re-certification is required annually.
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Dr. Jane, I really appreciate this certification course. I feel equipped to help others who are grieving. I have started the healing process with grief in my own life. I have gained freedom in areas where I was stuck. I have gained expertise, knowledge, skills, techniques and experience. I will continue to revisit the information because it is so valuable.

Zola Marie McNair,

Client Assessment Specialist, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The format used in this program was very easy to understand and use. It was well paced and the feedback was very insightful. The introduction of the creative elements of providing support were very new to me but I can see opportunities to use these in many circumstances in my professional interactions. 

Clay McAleer,

Counselor, Arnprior, Ontario.

I have really learned a lot through this course working in a level very close to what I try to be as a therapist.

All information was very clear and to the point and every aspect of grief fully analyzed.

I liked that the spiritual aspect of grief are present in all modules of the course.

Thank you so much!

Eftychia Christodimou,

Counselor, Athens, Greece.

Though I believe the power of grief is under-estimated and undervalued in our culture, this course drove home to me the profound effect of grief and its duration. I had not been familiar with some of the ideas I learned. I found creating my own images was a wonderful tool for processing my personal grief. I look forward to offering these energetic tools with clients.

The opportunity to write about my experiences with regard to so many aspects of the grief I have known for these last two years was profound for me. Completing the creative projects has been extremely healing. I feel I can now have a credible counseling focus with clients.

The program has convinced me that processing grief is vital. Rather than just referring to the grief or to one aspect of it. Writing and shaping an art work entirely of your own design is what I feel can really help clients.

The ability to complete the program online, on my schedule is wonderful. The material was easy to access. I very much appreciated the prompt feedback from Dr. Simington. This helped me know there was someone on the other end.    

Nancy Dereksen,

Social Worker, New York, USA.


During this training I was able to heal some of my own past grief: Yes, very much so (unfinished business now more deeply understood and put to rest.) I have gained a wealth of new and useful knowledge. Thank you.

 Well presented, interesting new applications, each unit builds onto another, loved reading and interpreting the book, very well written. Course allows for moving along as a reasonable pace, and keeping momentum. Valuable concepts, creative and applicable contents, encourages the student to delve deeper into own understanding of grief and impact over a lifetime. Will promote course will have opportunity to present and will consider more studies in the future. 

Lorraine Dahler,

Registered Nurse, Westerose, Alberta.

This was an excellent course that extended my knowledge on grief. Having taken other nursing course including obtaining my parish Nurse Certificate-this one really strongly identified what happens with grief not just how to help a person heal. 

I truly learned about how and what kinds of creative work can be done and how it can help to identify the grief they are feeling and how they can start to address and utilize these therapies for moving forward from their grief. 

This program has helped me immensely in dealing with some of my past grief I not only have recognized that I needed to grieve but that I had buried so much and just moved on without fulfilling the healing process. 

I can say that I have already utilized the knowledge from this program in my work already and seen some of the results. It has also helped me to identify where some of my clients are in their grieving process. i have been quite amazed when i hear them talking and seeing the stages that they are going through. 

From my previous clinical experience I have been quite comfortable with the dying process however i did learned additional helpful information. i was also able to identify various options that can be used and can assist in these situations and how to have more difficult conversations. 

The program was well laid out. The videos all played and there did not seem to be any glitches in the technology. The information was clear and precise. The course was easy to follow. Instructions were for the most part direct. Examples were good and in fact more would have been helpful. I liked that you could go at your own pace and being able to complete my own time frame. I appreciated that this program allowed you to put thought into your responses and your own experience and not simply regurgitation of what you just read. The need to do each exercise truly made the course exceptional as you not only learned but experienced what others might feel because you yourself had gone through the process. 

Jan Linner,

Registered Nurse, London, Ontario.