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Welcome to this course. I am Dr. Jane Simington, PhD. I am a grief and trauma specialist, educator, researcher, and author, and a CCPA (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) qualified supervisor. I designed the Trauma Informed Helping Course based on my years of experience working with people who are impacted in so many ways by their experiences of trauma.

The course provides recent and relevant information on trauma and on how the effects of trauma on the brain and nervous system create the symptoms of posttraumatic stress (PTSD) and interfere with the traumatized person’s ability to learn new information, to pay attention for any length of time, to retain new information, and to provide detailed information. These interferences with brain functioning can cause the traumatized person to be labeled and judged, and to be considered uncooperative or untruthful.

The course materials guide you in the recognition of these symptoms and provide you with the skills needed to communicate more empathically, and more effectively and therapeutically, thus allowing the traumatized person to receive the information they need and the resources they require to move their lives forward in a more empowered and positive way.