Ambiguous Losses
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Ambiguous Losses Certification Course



I am Dr. Jane Simington PhD. I designed theĀ Healing Ambiguous Losses Associated with Missing and Murdered Women and Girls CertificationĀ course offered through Taking Flight International Corporation. In this course I combined, my own experiences of grief and trauma, with my professional background as a grief and trauma therapist, along with up-to-date research on the best methods for supporting those who have experienced losses of an ambiguous nature.

In this course, the word ambiguous describes the feelings experienced when the griever does not know if the missing women or girl is alive and held hostage or is she dead. The ambiguity of not having answers to these pain-filled questions makes it difficult for grievers to achieve a sense of closure and healing.



 Healing  Approach


The Complicated Grief experienced by those who grieve one or more missing or murdered women or girls, including strategies for helping the grievers find ways to bring closure to their losses is covered in detail in the content presented in Healing Ambiguous Losses Associated with Missing and Murdered Women and Girls Certification course. The missing and/or murder of a friend, family, or community member, has the potential to produce a traumatic response. Many who are grieving a missing or murdered  woman or girl, may therefore, be experiencing not only the effects of  a complicated grief, but may also be experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS). The grief and trauma resulting from losses that have an ambiguous nature have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects, and they impact the grievers’ relationships at home, in the workplace, and in the community.

Mission Statement 

 The grief and trauma theory and associated healing methods, taught in this certification course, are strategies of proven success. They support healing of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of grief and trauma. Knowledge and skills for helping and healing behaviors that affect the family and community are included as important portions of the learning and healing experiences. 

The Healing Ambiguous Losses Associated with Missing and Murdered Women and Girls Certification course is designed to acknowledge that the essence of human beings in spiritual, regardless of if, or how, they participate in religious or cultural practices. All healing and education, offered in the Healing Ambiguous Losses Associated with Missing and Murdered Women and Girls Certification course, build from this philosophy and from Jungian thought that indicates if you want to address the spiritual aspects of human nature you must use soul's language, the language of metaphor and symbol. In this course, learners gain experience helping their grieving and traumatized clients interpret the symbolism that appears in dreams, therapeutic art, and guided visualizations.