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Course Overview


Advancing Personal Awareness


Have you been through a tragic live event that caused a Turning Point in your life, a time after which you knew that things would never again be the same? Has that experience and the healing that followed, changed you? Have the changes shifted the way you view reality and changed what you view as important?

Have the changes propelled you inward in search of how to move your life more in line with who you have become, and more in the direction of achieving your purpose for being in life?

If as a result of these changes you are struggling with your choices and doubting your decisions; if you feel there is something important that yet needs accomplishing; if you are no longer fulfilled in your relationships and career choices; and feel unsure of the next steps, then this course is definitely for you.

Advancing Professional Awareness


Therapeutic Helpers support and counsel those who have experienced difficult and tragic life events. The crisis experienced during such events and the healing processes that follow change people, leaving them struggling with their choices and even with their new identify. Many know that the person they once were, is not the person they have become. During such times there can be deep inner nagging, begging the person to become what they are meant to be, yet there are few resources or programs that teach how to support and counsel during these intensely distressing times.

Many require support in claiming their new identify, finding their new path, and in moving forward along that path. For some this means a need for support in expanding awareness of themselves and of their abilities and options. For others it means needing help to once again trust their own choices and decisions, while for others, it may mean a need for counseling in how to rebuild personal and professional relationships. Most who are struggling to claim their new identify and purpose, require some degree of support and coaching to find the courage needed to step out of their comfort zone and fully transition into the person they have become.



The Transformation Coaching Certification course is for both personal and professional uses. Professionals and non-professionals will find this course of excellent value. 

In this course you:

1) Increase self awareness, and gain confidence to live in line with your soul’s commitment.
2) Gain the knowledge and skills needed to assist others as they determine the actions needed to live more in line with the new sense of self that developed following their tragic events and healing.



During this course you:

1) Expand knowledge of the relationships between tragic life events and the struggles with identify, decision making, and the search for purpose.

2) Gain awareness of markers that guide and roadblocks that may interfere with living a purposeful life. 

3) Use counseling strategies, and healing approaches, including therapeutic art and guided visualization, to gain insights and self-awareness, to help self and others become more confident and courageous in decision making.



Course Outline


Course Introduction

Unit 1: Neurological and Spiritual Perspectives 
Unit 2: Potential and Conscious Awareness
Unit 3: Searching for Purpose                         
Unit 4: Identifying Purpose
Unit 5: Examining Markers
Unit 6: Roadblocks
Unit 7: Projecting the Future
Unit 8: Living to Potential
Unit 9: Student Resources

 Required Resources


  • Simington, J. (2022). Transformation Coaching: Embracing Potential Certification Course Handbook (2nd Ed.) Edmonton, AB. Taking Flight International Corporation.
  • Simington, J. (2019). A Glimpse at Your Future: A Progression Visualization. Edmonton, AB: Taking Flight International Corporation.
  • Simington, J. (2013). Through Soul’s Eyes: Reinventing a Life of Joy and Promise. Edmonton, AB. Taking Flight Books.
  • Simington, J. (2021). Aligning Inner Brightness with Universal Consciousness. Edmonton, AB. Taking Flight Books.

 Time Frame

Forty hours of education and training are required for certification. Education hours are given for assigned readings and exam completion.


 I will address the value to my clients of the self-empowering skills I learned during the Trauma Recovery Certification course. In my opinion, what makes this course unique, apart from Dr. Jane Simington’s inspirational, heart-centered, and passionate personality, is the connection she and the course content make between Psychology and Spirituality, between the individual and the soul, important information missed by many trauma courses. By using the language of the soul and techniques to address the effects of soul trauma, I learned in this course how to help restore the disrupted connection between the individual and his or her purpose in life.

 Sophia Tsoumaki,

Family & Bonding Counsellor, Family Constellations Facilitator, Trauma Therapist. 

Athens, Greece.

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