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A Turning Point is defined as a time in life after which things will never again be the same.  It is well known that such times can drive us inward in search of the deeper meaning and purpose for our lives. The Transformation Coach acknowledges the emotional and soulful impact that can result following a Turning Point and applies the skills to support and counsel those who are struggling in their attempts to determine what meaning their life has, and what actions are required to live a more fulfilled life; one that is more in line with the person they have become.



I am Dr. Jane Simington. This course is developed, based on my personal and professional experiences.

Personally: Some years following the death of my son, I began to experience a constant inner nagging. I knew that the grief and the healing had changed me, not only emotionally, but soulfully. I was aware that what I had once considered important was no longer important, and what was once unimportant to me, was now of paramount concern. I had a sense that something major had yet to be accomplished and that time was of the essence. During those times of intense soul searching, I struggled in total aloneness.

This course is designed so others do not feel abandoned as they search for ways to live their lives more in line, with who they have become following their lives’ turning points.

Professionally: I have a background in both Nursing and Psychology. I specialize in helping people move through times of change and transformation. I help them grieve and heal the losses, and support and guide them as they transition into becoming who they are meant to be. I offer education, so other professionals can also support and counsel during life transitions.



A Different Approach to Healing

Acknowledging the spiritual distress and feelings of spiritual disconnection that often result following the Turning Points in life, this course is designed within a Spiritual Framework.

Within the context of this course, spirituality is described as a human being’s personal relationship to what is meaningful to him or her, and what gives direction and purpose to their life. The spiritual needs as identified by Carson and co-authors in Spiritual Dimensions of Nursing Practice are love, trust, hope, forgiveness, belonging, and meaning and purpose in life. According to these authors and other researchers, all people are considered to have a spiritual dimension, regardless of if, or how, it is expressed or practiced. Spiritual distress is the suffering experienced when one or more of the spiritual needs are not met.

To address the spiritual distress of those who are feeling a desire to be more in line, with their Soul's purpose, course participants are introduced to the work of Carl Jung who noted that if you want to address soul, you must speak soul’s language, the language of symbol and metaphor. Supported by his work and by research that demonstrates that highly-charged emotions are processed in the brain’s Right Hemisphere, course participants learn to incorporate therapeutic art and guided visualization, as spiritual interventions, and learn to help their clients interpret the symbolic messages being revealed.


 Therapeutic art activities helped me take step back and really evaluate my ability to see things differently.

Therapeutic art does help to communicate the unspoken purpose. Thank you for the Guided Visualizations, they help me to know my purpose, how to help people. 


Participants of the Transformation Coaching Certification Course April 2024 

Thompson, Manitoba  

The feedback from the course facilitator was excellent. Dr. Jane provided insights, guidance, and feedback that I wasn’t able to see or realize on my own. She helped put things in meaningful perspective and to tie everything together. Her further questions guided deeper thinking and possibilities not considered before. Her soulful direction definitely helped move my life more in line with my soul’s purpose!!!

 Lori Aliche,

Director of Education, Dene Tha' First Nation

High Level, Alberta.  

I truly appreciated the feedback from Dr. Jane Simington, it reminded me why I was doing the course. It also encouraged me to bring my best food forward, it also reminded me that a part of my own self is receiving positive affirmations for work done. 

 Stephanie Landherr, 

Thompson, Manitoba

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