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Healing Personal and Family Grief Online Program 

A death in a family can cause immense strain on each family member and on the entire family unit. Each will cope with the loss in their own unique ways.  The coping strategies used will depend on the ages and the genders of the grievers, as well as on the resources available and the life experiences of each family member. In many cases individual family members will recognize that other members need more help with coping and healing but do not know how to provide that help.

Healing Personal and Family Grief Online Program

$299.00 CAD

I am Dr. Jane Simington, I have developed the Healing Personal and Family Grief Online program to help family members more fully understand their own unique grieving process, and to recognize how their grieving may differ from other family members. I have included in this program numerous activities and exercises to assist each family member in healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of their own grief and to support other family members in doing the same, so that the entire family unit can move in a healing direction and regain a sense of wholeness.

 I have developed this program based on my personal grief and healing experiences. I have grieved both my parents, a nephew and a brother and a sister and in-laws. From those experiences I learned much about how grief can impact a family. But my most major grief resulted following the tragic death of my 13, year old son Billy. Following his death, I longed for guidance on how to help my daughters. In the program Healing Personal and Family Grief I provide many skills I wish I had had in those years.   

The course Healing Personal and Family Grief also results from my many years of education as a grief and trauma counselor and from the hundreds of grief and trauma clients whom I have assisted during their grief and trauma healing. 

I have a background in both Nursing and Psychology. Those who complete this program appreciate this background for it helps them gain the skills they need to heal not only the emotional effects of grief but to also gain what they need to manage and heal the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of their grief and to support their family members in doing the same.  

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