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Course Overview

Each Turning Point propels us into a spiritual journey through loss. We enter feeling a deep sense of brokenness. We examine each aspect of our loss and grieve for what we no longer have. We implore, “Why… Why…Why?” as we attempt to comprehend what meaning this loss could have for our lives. The quest for answers to these soul nagging questions, drives us inward, there to examine, each long-held, and previously unexamined belief, and to the resulting vacillation between holding to the comfort of the familiar beliefs; even though they no longer provide the certainty they once did; or risking the acknowledgement of the knowing that has resulted from the deep inner turmoil. Stepping forth requires strength and courage. We are aware that the inner experiences have challenged us to view ourselves and our reality in diverse ways. “Now what”? becomes the mantra of our efforts to determine how to live more in line with our soul’s purpose.



This course  is created so that counselors and coaches receive the skills and education they require to assist those who are struggling to fulfill their destiny. It is developed for both personal and professional uses. Professionals and non-professionals will find this course of excellent value. 





1) Gain the knowledge and skills needed to move your own life more in line, with your purpose for being.

2) Be capable of applying the knowledge and skills to assist others as they determine the best actions required to move their lives more in line with the new sense of self that followed the Turning Points in their lives. 




In this course you:

1) Examine the relationships between living with passion and fulfilling Soul's Purpose.

2. Reflect on questions to guide the examination of what makes one's life meaningful.

3. Examine the markers placed along life's path.

4. Examine the roadblocks that may interfere with living more in line, with Soul's Destiny. 

5. Identify ways to extend to others the energy of embracing potential. 

6. Practice strategies to glimpse the future.



Course Outline


Course Introduction

Unit 1: Defining Purpose 
Unit 2: Searching For Purpose 
Unit 3: Examining Markers
Unit 4: Roadblocks 
Unit 5: Career and Relationships
Unit 6: Projecting
Unit 7: Living On Purpose
Unit 8: Course Evaluation 
Unit 9: Going Further 


 Provided Resources


With the Purchase of the Transformation Coaching Certification Online course, you receive:

  1. All the Written Materials and Audiovisuals required to help you identify how to live life more in line, with your Purpose.
  2. All the Written Materials and Audiovisuals required to successfully master the content in the Units that teach you how to provide effective therapeutic interventions and counseling to those who are searching for ways to live their lives more in line, with their Soul's Purpose.  
  3. Exercises and Assignments specific to each Unit that enrich your abilities to apply the content in each Unit.
  4. Feedback from the Course Facilitator on your progress following the submission of the Required Assignments and Review Questions.

 Time Frame


  1. Access to the Introduction Unit is available upon submission of the signed Consent.
  2. Work at your own pace. At the completion of each Unit, you will be requested to submit photos of your therapeutic art projects, and journaled entries. 
  3. There is a six-month, time frame allotted for the completion of all materials required for certification. 
  4. If for any reason, you are unable to complete this course within the six-month time frame, you may request to have the payment you made for this Online course, transferred to an Onsite Embracing Potential: Living on Purpose course.  



The feedback from the course facilitator was excellent. Dr. Jane provided insights, guidance, and feedback that I wasn’t able to see or realize on my own. She helped put things in meaningful perspective and to tie everything together. Her further questions guided deeper thinking and possibilities not considered before. Her soulful direction definitely helped move my life more in line with my soul’s purpose!!!


Lori Aliche, Director of Education, Dene Tha' First Nation

High Level, Alberta.

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