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Embracing Your Potential: Living on Purpose

Turning Points are defined as a time after which things will never again be the same. Each Turning Point propels us, to some degree, into a spiritual journey through loss. We enter feeling a deep sense of brokenness. We examine each aspect of our loss and grieve for what we no longer have. We implore, “Why… Why…Why?” as we attempt to comprehend what meaning this loss could have for our lives. The quest for answers to these soul nagging questions, drives us inward, there to examine, each long-held, and previously unexamined belief, and to the resulting vacillation between holding to the comfort of the familiar beliefs; even though they no longer provide the certainty they once did; or risking the acknowledgement of the knowing that has resulted from the deep inner turmoil. Stepping forth requires strength and courage. We are aware that the inner experiences have challenged us to view ourselves and our reality in different ways. “Now what”? becomes the mantra of our efforts to determine how to live more in line with our soul’s purpose.

Embracing Your Potential: Living on Purpose



Personal Resource

  • This course is designed so you do not have to struggle alone, as you move through your soul’s Dark Nights.
In this course you are provided resources to assist you in taking the steps required to live a more fulfilled life, one that is more inline with your Soul's purpose. 

Professional Resources
  • This course  is created so that more helpers receive the skills and education they need to assist those who are struggling in their attempts to fulfill their destiny.
In this course you are provided knowledge and skills and the resources to assist another in taking the steps they require to live a more fulfilled life following a major Turning Point. 




As you complete the Units in this course you will:

1) Gain the knowledge and skills needed to move your own life more inline with your purpose for being.

2) Be capable of applying the knowledge and skills to assist others as they determine the best actions required to move their lives more inline with the new sense of self they are experiencing since the healing that followed the major turning points in their lives.


Course Outline


           : Introduction Unit
Unit 1: Defining Purpose 
Unit 2: Searching For Purpose 
Unit 3: Examining Markers
Unit 4: Roadblocks 
Unit 5: Career and Relationship
Unit 6: Projecting
Unit 7: Living Your Purpose
Unit 8: Course Evaluation 
Unit 9: Going Further 



 I will address the value to my clients of the self-empowering skills I learned during the Trauma Recovery Certification course. In my opinion, what makes this course unique, apart from Dr. Jane Simington’s inspirational, heart-centered, and passionate personality, is the connection she and the course content make between Psychology and Spirituality, between the individual and the soul, important information missed by many trauma courses. By using the language of the soul and techniques to address the effects of soul trauma, I learned in this course how to help restore the disrupted connection between the individual and his or her purpose in life.

 Sophia Tsoumaki,

Family & Bonding Counsellor, Family Constellations Facilitator, Trauma Therapist. 

Athens, Greece.

I am a Gestalt Therapist and Mental Health Counsellor working in Northern Greece. Working with Dr. Jane Simington has transformed my life. She has helped me to find my purpose and to follow my dreams, so as to be aligned with the core off my existence. In addition I received great encouragement and support from Dr. Simington several years ago, when I experienced severe losses in my life, and I was, myself, lost. In the safe therapeutic space that Dr. Simington creates, along with my fellow students, I found the support and acceptance I needed to find my path again. I hope Dr. Simington keeps inspiring us for many years in the future.

Anna Dourtme,

Gestalt Therapist and Mental Health Counsellor.

Greece, Europe.

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