Trauma Recovery
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Trauma Recovery Certification Course Benefits   



 The Trauma Recovery Certification course developed by Dr. Jane A. Simington, PhD., and delivered by Taking Flight International Corporation:

  1. Is an accredited program with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC Global).
  2. Is transferable for 160 Continuing Education Units toward certification or re-certification as an Addictions Counselor with the Canadian Addictions Certified Counselors’ Federation (CACCF), and with the International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors (ICADC).

Course Benefits 


Upon Certification Graduates May:

  1. Apply this knowledge and skill to support those who have experienced trauma.  
  2. Apply this certification for 160 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) toward certification and/or recertification with the Canadian Addictions Certified Counselors Federation (CACCF), and with the international certifying body, ICADC.
  3. Apply to CCPC Global to be recognized globally as a Certified Trauma Recovery Counselor and use the acronym (CTRC). Application to CCPC Global must be made within one year following completion of the training. Re-certification is required annually.
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The guided imageries are well laid out to use. We received enough practice to be comfortable. Facilitating the Four-Part process makes so much sense and is non-threating to do.

One of the important things for me about this training was learning the value of, and how to use the Four-Part Model for Healing Trauma.  

Lori Aliche,

Director of Education, Dene Tha' Community School, High Level, Alberta.


The multiple parts retrieval was the best method I learned and used during this training that allowed me to do some of my own healing.  What I  learned most in this program was grounding as a safety measure and using soul recovery to strengthen bonds of love. I like Jane’s 4 Part Method of processing trauma because it creates client ownership.

Christina Tranberg,

Mental Health Therapist, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

 What I learned most is that there can be great benefits to working with people regarding trauma through spirituality- our right hemisphere.  This has been my biggest teaching – how to reach people and reclaim parts that have been lost.

Lanny Kipling,

Youth Outreach Worker, Quesnel, British Columbia.

This is a very hands on learning program.  I would recommend it to Teachers, Counsellors, Elders, Community workers.  So much skill is gained through this great program.  So pleased I took the time to go on this wonderful learning journey! 

Rocky Ward,

Program Manager & Senior Resolution Health Support, Edmonton, Alberta.


Invaluable training, suitable for therapist/clients/and anyone seeking information and experience in this subject. Amazingly creative. I am in awe of Jane’s techniques that blend science, medicine and spirituality into a wonderful potpourri of knowledge, experience, madness, and soul talk. Healing occurs over and over. I arrived quite grief-stricken and felt empty, lost and numb physically. From the first day of the training and onwards I felt Jane’s care, presence and confidence as she worked with me. Each day I felt a little more grounded, a little saner, a little more awake.

Terra Martin,

  Psychologist, Grief and Trauma Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Toronto, Ontario. 

I had the opportunity to participate in the Trauma Recovery Certification training offered by Dr. Jane Simington. Even though I had previously done some inner healing, I found that this training touched me deeply. It helped to set me free, and gave me the hope that I could do more such work – not only for myself, but for others as well. 

Fr. Bill Stang,

The Pas, Manitoba.

I really enjoyed learning through experiencing.  I feel the ability to practice the skills taught immediately after learning them and being able to facilitate the learning journey of others by allowing them to practice on me really helped to bring the concepts “to Life”.  I also loved learning about how powerful and important art therapy is for processing trauma and rapped emotion.  I am very excited to continue learning and researching art therapy (a new modality for me) and how I might incorporate it for future clients as well as for my own healing.  Lastly, I really liked that Jane had a very skilled and attentive co facilitator. 

 Kristal Frank

Independent Consultant, Westlock, Alberta.