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I am Dr. Jane Simington, PhD. I welcome you to examine theĀ courses offered on these pages. Each is designed to provide healing, enhance emotional, and soul growth.

On these pages I am pleased to offer you the same high-quality experiences you would gain if you were physically present in a program I offer in an onsite situation.

Each of the programs offered on these pages addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual nature of human beings, and provides strategies for healing and growth.Ā 



I am educated in both Nursing and Psychology. You will perceive both these backgrounds of knowledge and experiences, as you become engaged with the course materials. In all my courses I share from my clinical experiences and from my personal experiences of grief, trauma, healing, and transformation. I offer methods that helped me heal. These include alternate and complementary methods, including the uses of energy-transfer healing work (such as Therapeutic Touch), dream interpretation, and art as therapy.


Dr. Simington also offers Workshops and Conference Keynotes on this and other topics of her expertise. To learn more about her as a Speaker and Educator visit

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