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For more than 30 years, I have had a strong professional relationship with peoples of various cultures and from many countries.  Since 2007, I have offered a cross-cultural approach to the courses I developed and deliver through Taking Flight International Corporation.   

I have provided professionals from around the world, including hundreds of First Nation Canadians from every province and territory, the knowledge and skills required for them to provide support and counseling to individuals and groups in Trauma Recovery, Grief Support, Suicide InterventionHealing the Ambiguous Losses Associated with Missing and Murdered Women and Girls, Transformation Coaching, and in Supporting Survivors of Sexual Trauma.

Developing A CORE TEAM of Community Responders


By training a core group of staff, you create a solid team within your community that has the advanced knowledge and skills required to capably and confidently respond to individual, family, and community needs, during times of crisis, such as those that result from tragic losses, intense grief, or trauma.

In the Core-Team Development Model, Dr. Simington encourages that each team member receives the Grief Support Certification course, the Trauma Recovery Certification course, the Suicide Intervention Certification course and the Supporting Survivors of Sexual Trauma. While each of these trainings are stand-alone courses, Dr. Simington recommends that candidates be certified first in Grief Support and Trauma Recovery, prior to taking the Suicide Intervention Certification and the Supporting Survivors of Sexual Trauma Certification courses. Some communities are also adding the Healing Ambiguous Losses Related to the Missing and Murder of Women and Girls Certification course, and the Transformation Coaching Certification course to the training and education they want for their team.

Once the core team is established, Dr. Simington provides ongoing support and continued personal and professional development for one year following the delivery of each course, offered within the Core Team Model to help core team members, establish, maintain and strengthen their knowledge and skills. 

Training Philosophy and Methods


Since 2000, Dr. Jane A. Simington, PhD has demonstrated the effectiveness of consistent application of her Four-Part Model of Healing © to address the healing needs of body, mind, emotion and spirit. Since basic to this training approach is a belief that a therapeutic helper can only bring another as far along the healing path as he or she has already been, the goals of the Grief Support Certification, the Trauma Recovery Certification, the Suicide Intervention Certification, the Supporting Survivors of Sexual Trauma Certification, the Transformation Coaching Certification course, and the Healing Ambiguous Losses Certification courses are two-fold:

1. Course participants gain the knowledge and skills in each of these areas to provide knowledgeable counseling and support.

2. To learn to apply the knowledge and skills with others, course participants become fully engaged in each of the therapeutic activities, including the uses of therapeutic art, guided visualization, deep inner work and regression therapy, thus achieving great levels of their own healing.

Cost Benefits of Core Model

 If you choose The Core Team Model, you will receive a discount: 

$5000.00 off for all six courses

$4000.00 off for five courses

$3000.00 off for four courses

$2000.00 off for three courses

$1000.00 off for two courses

* Deposit, 50% of the total amount of all courses, must be received one month before the first course starts. 


To learn more about the Grief Support Certification course.
To learn more about the Trauma Recovery Certification course.
To learn more about the Suicide Intervention Certification course.
To learn more about the Supporting Survivors of Sexual Trauma Certification course.
To learn more about the Healing Ambiguous Losses Related to Missing and Murdered women and Girls Certification course.
To learn more about the Transformation Coaching Certification course.

Cost of Each Course

Minimum number of participants: 12

Cost per
 Ambiguous Losses
Transformation Coaching 
Supporting Survivors
of Sexual Trauma 

 $75.00  $75.00  $75.00  $75.00  $75.00 $75.00




 $2,398.00 $1,885.00 $1,500.00 $2,398.00
 CCPC Global













160 CEUs hours

40 CEUs hours

54 CEUs hours 

40 CEUs hours 

25 CEUs hours 

40 CEUs hours 


Requirements to Offer the Training in Your Location  


  • Minimum number of participants: 12
  • Maximum number of participants: 16
  • The Hiring Agency covers the costs for the Facilitator’s and the Co-facilitator’s meals, accommodations, and travel.
  • Meeting room to be arranged and paid for by the hiring agency.
  • Meeting room minimum size: 800 square feet
  • The hiring agency is responsible to have the room arranged and set up according to the guidelines provided prior to the arrival of the facilitator who will require access for two hours prior to the course to arrange teaching materials and therapeutic art supplies.
  • Please have chairs in a circle in the classroom, one for each participant and one for the Facilitator and Co-facilitator.
  • Please have enough table space (tables and  chairs against the walls and windows) for each participant to complete art activities.
  • Please have 3 tables for art supplies.
  • Please have a large whiteboard (4’x5’), whiteboard markers and white board cleaner in the teaching room.
  • Please have a small table for the ceremonial supplies.
  • Please have a small table by the whiteboard for teaching supplies.
  • Please have a table placed by an electrical outlet for the sale of resources.
  • Please have 4 boxes of tissues.
  • Please have a large garbage can and a small lined garbage can.
  • Each participant must submit an application form at least one week before training starts.



“The experiences during the Trauma Recovery Course made the entire group closer. It was definitely a bonding experience. It was good, when I would look at someone after a healing experience and know that something really good had happened and appreciate that for that person.” 

James Jason Lamb,
Manager, Community Health Services
White Bear First Nations, Saskatchewan.


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