Trauma Recovery Level Two
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 Trauma Recovery Level Two Certification Online  Course


Hello, I am Dr. Jane Simington, PhD, a grief and trauma specialist, educator, researcher, and author. I am a CCPA (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association) qualified supervisor.

I have considerable experience helping people who experience trauma resulting from both atrocities and disasters. The Trauma Recovery Level Two Certification Course is designed for those who completed Level One of the Trauma Recovery Certification Couse and require Level Two for certification as a Trauma Recovery Counselor (TRCC).

If you have completed the entire course and are already certified as a TRCC, you will find the updated material in this course, an excellent review, and a way to advance your knowledge of the effects of trauma on the brain and nervous system, and the effects of trauma caused by childhood trauma and during domestic violence.



A More Soulful Approach 


Post-traumatic stress- disorder (PTSD) is a disabling psychiatric condition involving an ongoing re-experiencing of the traumatic events. In attempting to escape the distressing emotions involved in the reliving, many PTSD patients with prolonged traumatic experiences show a clinical syndrome that is characterized by dissociation. Simington & Wagner (2021) found that soul fragmentation can result from dissociation.

“Researchers contend that the Western approach to the PTSD diagnostic criterion does not capture the dynamics of trauma experienced by those who view their health and illness as a function of their spirit and spirituality (Mutambara and Sodi 2018).” Simington & Wagner, 2021, 25. Enhancing spiritual connection has been found to help those who are traumatized achieve a sense of mastery over the traumatic events (Mutambara and Sodi, 2018).


 Healing All Aspects of Trauma


In this course and in all the courses I develop and facilitate, I apply a framework that addresses first the spiritual distress experienced because of trauma. The resolution of the emotional, mental, and physical issue then becomes easier and more effective.




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